Lookie, lookie! The Specs girls  together with ang-INK will be at the upcoming 10A Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair this coming April! We also get to make the craft fair’s poster. How cool is that? Consisting of things that remind us of summer, we arranged every thing until we came up with a unified look for the poster. :D



We shot the poster on a saturday morning in UP Diliman.




Zeh Poster!



First of all, i’d like to give my massive thank you’s to those who dropped by and supported our booth in this year’s art int the park. The weather was very dry and dust was everywhere  but it’s okay a lot of people came and had a good time. No rain and mud this year.  I saw a lot of friends too, some I was able to make chit-chat and some not (because things got pretty hectic in the booth).

I brought some of my merchandise and a couple of artworks as well.


L-R (Top): Lips- Lips, Ilongs for you

L-R (Bottom) Ringworms, Higadness!


 L-R: My sweet silog joy II, Kwek-a-kweks


Also, new set of legs for our sticker set:




Call for applications!


Poster by Borg Sinaban

Halloo! Ang-INK is now accepting new members!


1. Five (5) sample illustrations from your portfolio.

  • Individual images should at least be 1000px on one side, and should NOT be more than 72dpi, jpg or png
  • Compile ALL 5 of your works in ONE pdf. Total file size of the pdf should NOT exceed 7mb.
  • PDF name should follow the format: INKAPP14-yourname-portfolio
  • Upload file in online application form.

2. Children’s book illustration spreads based on one of this year’s PBBY Salanga Prize

  • Honorable Mention winners, Gaano Ba Kalayo Patungong Paaralan? by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz. The story can be downloaded from the PBBY website:
  • -Follow this PBBY requirement: All entries must consist of three (3) illustrations that are of the same size and medium. Entries do not have to be based on consecutive spreads/parts of the text.
  • -You are not required to layout/include the text in your illustrations.
  • -Individual images should be 9in (h) x 14 inches (w), and should not be more than 72dpi, jpg or png
  • -Compile ALL 3 images in ONE pdf. Total file size of the pdf should NOT exceed 5mb.
  • -PDF name should follow the format: INKAPP14-yourname-pbby
  • -Upload file in online application form.

3. Accomplished online application form:

Visit their website at or their blog at

Deadline of submission is April 11, 2014, 11:59 PM

All applicants will be notified of the results through email by April 25, 2014.

Have a question? Simply send an email INK at 

print ’14

Old plates revisited then revived. Most were discarded plans of long ago. It was nice to get a good whiff of baby powder and oil, the tar-like ink, and sweat on a cool december afternoon.








Before I’d be obsessed with making sure there’s no speck of ink on the negative space. I’ve loosened up a bit and decided to give dirt a go. Commit some mistakes and we’ll take it there. Haha. Where’s the fun in creating when you’re always stressed in trying to make things perfect?